Word Finder

Helps you learn and score better in word games.

Word Finder is your handy tool for finding words hidden in a block of letters. It’s a web based tool built specifically for word game enthusiasts, it helps you learn new words and score better and win every word game you play.

Word games are fun to play with your friends or family over a weekend. Many of the classic board games also have their web / mobile apps available so that you can play remotely as well. If you get stuck, it’s perfectly fine to take some additional help. It helps you build your vocabulary and score higher in many word games such as Scrabble, Words with Friends, Jumble, Wordle, Wordscapes and so on. Making new words is easier if you use a word finder tool like this one and it also helps you in slowly training yourself to become a champion in word games. Make sure that you slowly learn the words as well instead of just focusing on score or wins, and limiting yourself to use this as a mere cheat site.

Tip: Learn to use the Options available to search better and to change the default word dictionary as well.

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